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When you ran out of cash, and you have valuable items with you, then it’s easy to convert the same into cash when you visit Calgary Gold. They can offer you the most competitive prices for your jewelry and valuables. They also have the friendliest and knowledgeable staffs and appraisers so you know that you’re in good and capable hands. With all these, you can easily say that this is one good pawn shop in Calgary.

Aside from these, here are the top 3 reasons why you should pawn your valuables at Calgary Gold:

1. They offer the highest appraisal value for your gold items.

Some people invest in gold items because they know that in the future if they’ll be facing financial difficulties, they can pawn or sell these items and use the proceeds to fund their needs. This is likewise supported by the fact that most jewelry and gold items don’t depreciate, unlike gadgets and vehicles. This reason can be easily refuted though if you pawn your items to a pawn shop in Calgary which has a lot of hidden charges and also appraise cheaply. In the end, they’ll be the ones who stand to benefit out of the transaction at your expense.

With Calgary Gold, you can be sure that you are getting the best price for the item that you’ll pawn or sell. They can offer you as high as 98% of the spot value of gold.

2. You can estimate with their online calculator and their online price list.

Even before you get to visit their shop, you can go online and check out the prices they have for every valuable item they accept. Their price lists are segregated per item kind and are priced either per ounce, per coin, per karat, or per bar. In this case, it would be easier for their customer to come up with a price estimate.

For diamonds, they also have an online calculator that allows you to input the size and choose from their drop-down menu other necessary details for the price calculation.

3. Friendly staff and quick valuation.

Another good reason to choose Calgary Gold is that they have warm and friendly staff who will guide you all through the valuation and payment process.

The process starts with receiving the item and sorting the same by karat. Once sorting is done, the item will then be tested to determine its purity. Once this phase is done, the item is now ready for weighing. It is after the weighing that a no-obligation quote is given to the customer. Once the customer and the buyer come into agreement regarding the price, the buyer will receive the customer immediately. However, if the customer is not satisfied with the price quoted, he is free to walk away from the transaction and choose other buyers.

With all these reasons, we believe that you are persuaded to try the services of Calgary Gold. Good luck and happy selling!

Pawn Shop Calgary
Calgary Gold
1717 10th St. NW, South Calgary, BC T2M 4S2

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