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if you are thinking of selling your pieces of gold in Calgary, consider doing a research by knowing precisely the gold that you are selling, the value that it possesses, and the amount of cash that you should be getting from its value prior to selling. Another thing that must also be considered is your buyer’s accreditation to buy your gold. By being a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited member of Canada Gold, it is certain that Calgary Gold Buyers is truthful as it adheres to the standard procedures of buying gold.

How Do We Know Your Gold’s Worth?

Being given an accreditation by BBB, we at Calgary Gold Buyers are committed to transparent assessing, measuring and true pricing along with paying you immediately for what your gold’s worth is. That is adhering to the foremost ethical standards of buying gold in the industry so to speak.

If you come to our store, expect to be greeted by our friendly and welcoming staff that will then do procedures such as gold-sorting by karat, gold-testing by pureness, item-weighing, free quoting, and a right-on-spot paying. We as well have analysts who are expert in testing your gold by making use of modern techniques and the latest testing equipment in order to tell your gold’s pureness as the percent of your item’s total mass.

When It Comes to Paying  

We assure to offer you the highest rate in the market for your items. We can pay as high as 98% of your gold’s spot price. In addition, these are offered in transparency without fees being hidden. With no pressure and obligation imposed, we provide quotes for free and look after the trends in the market to be able to lock in the best prices for your gold.

With Calgary Gold Buyers, you are guaranteed to a 120% top price for your item. With these, we are happy to have sellers repeat business with us and bring a plus of referrals. These are what we always strive for; build our brand by earning your trust from good and true efforts, and deliver good revenue results out of it.

For More Information

Regarding gold-buying or selling, you can visit us at any of our 11 locations in Canada including North Vancouver, Vancouver, Edmonton, Richmond, Surrey, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kingston, Halifax, Toronto, and Calgary at your own convenience. If you are interested in receiving related gold articles, special offers as well as promotions by e-mail in your inbox, you can opt to sign for Canada Gold Newsletter. We love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Should you wish to set up an appointment beyond our normal working hours, raise questions on how we can buy your gold, make comments regarding our website, or ask for media contact from us, feel free to sign up a form in this website by typing in your name, your email address where we can answer you back, and your message for us. We hope to hear from you today.

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