Calgary Diamond Exchange

If you are looking forward to making Calgary diamond exchange, you can do it best with Canada Gold’s Calgary Gold. As a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Accredited family-owned business in Canada, Calgary Gold buys and sells diamonds in the market for the best prices. Besides having a BBB A+ Accreditation from Southern Alberta, we also are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified in dealing with a diamond exchange in Calgary.

GIA is a non-profit institute committed to guarding all sellers and buyers by setting and upholding the standards of evaluating the quality of gemstones.

This is How We Do it in Calgary

For diamonds that are above the size of 0.50 carats, you will have to set an appointment with our certified geologist Rachel Cohen. A Gemologist graduate of GIA with diamond appraising extensive experiences in Vancouver and New York, she grades your diamonds on the spot and gives you an expert opinion regarding how much they are worth. Then you will be given an offer with no pressure or obligation to sell.

Your diamond’s value is mainly determined by its carat, color, clarity, and cut or the four Cs. If you want to get a price for an estimated purchase, you can make use of our diamond calculator by typing in your diamond’s characteristics like grading, shape, its four Cs, and fluorescence which is all stated in your diamond’s appraisal document or certificate. For diamonds which are smaller or with paperwork that is official, come to our office at your own convenience to speak with one of our expert buyers.

Besides the four Cs, our CGA and GIA certified buyers of diamond at Calgary diamond exchange take into account all factors that will contribute to your diamond’s worth of which includes your item’s brand, craftsmanship, and its desirability in the market.

How We Price Your Diamond

Diamonds having up to 0.19 ct, we price it at $50 per carat and $250 per gram. Diamonds with 0.20 to 0.25 ct, we price it $100 per ct and $500 per gram. For diamonds which are 0.26 to 0.39, it is $160 to $250 per carat. For 0.40 to 0.49 ct diamonds, we give it $250+ per carat. And for 0.50 ct and above, pricing is to be done by appointment.

Our Location

We are happy to offer you diamond exchange services at Calgary Gold, 1717 10th St. NW Suite 102 and Calgary South 154 58th Ave. SW. For more details about us, or the services that we offer aside from diamond exchange, give us a call at this number (403) 282-8877. Our polite staff will receive you warmly and guide you all the way thru the service that you ask for. If you have a general question for us, or you wish to book an appointment with us or make a comment regarding our website, send it to us thru a form at, and we’ll be more than pleased to have served you.

Calgary Gold
1717 10th St. NW, South Calgary, BC T2M 4S2

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