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Calgary Gold is just one of the many store locations representing the Canada Gold group. Canada Gold is the largest precious metal dealer in the country. There are 2 locations of Calgary Gold; Whitewater Place and Calgary South. Calgary Gold has state of the art testing equipment, accurate testing and buying methods, industry updates, information about the current gold buying market and knowledge about the environmental impact of exploring and mining precious metals. We have been the leading gold buying company in Canada for over ten years. We have an A+ rating on Canada’s Better Business Bureau website.

The minimum price for your old gold is based on karat or purity. The market price for your gold also determines the payout we can offer you.

• Gold maple leaf coins are typically $1,566.22 per coin

• 24 karat gold generally is $41.03 per gram

• 22 karat gold is typically $36.76 per gram

• Gold nuggets and placer gold generally are $30.40 per gram

• 18 karat gold is typically $29.92 per gram

• Yellow dental gold is typically $22.47 per gram

• White dental gold is typically $8.61 per gram

• 14 karat gold is typically $23.08 per gram

• 10 karat gold is typically $16.24 per gram

Call or e-mail us directly for price quotes on less common items. Our consistently top notch customer service has lead to repeat customers and new customers who learn about us via word of mouth and personal recommendations. Do not go to a pawn shop, shopping mall kiosk or use a mail-in website service. Count on Calgary Gold to pay you what you deserve for your old gold. We truly are the best in the gold buying business.

When you come into our store with the items you wish to sell, we divide the items by karat size. Then we have to test the purity of your items. Next, we weigh your items. We offer you a quote. If you accept it, we pay you right then and there. Calgary Gold will pay you up to 98% of the spot price for your items. You are not obligated to accept the price quote. There are never hidden fees.

If you are not able to come into Calgary Gold or any other store location, we offer a pre-paid mail-in system. Fill out our Secure GoldPack order form or call us for direct help. There is no charge or obligation. The Secure GoldPack should arrive in a week. Shipping and insurance are included. We will give you clear instructions on how to send your items. Once we get your items, they will be tested and evaluated. Test results and your payment are sent to you in one business day.

For more information about our gold buying services call 1-888-682-5832 or e-mail us on our company contact page. While you are there, sign up for our Canada Gold Newsletter. The newsletter includes special offers and promotions in your e-mail.

Calgary Coin Dealers
Calgary Gold
1717 10th St. NW, South Calgary, BC T2M 4S2

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